Imagination to creation

From the design and creation process through to building and maintaining lasting relationships with our customers, our jewellery is about you. Your input is our driving force and what makes the process unique, which is why we stand out from the rest.

We will source a selection of gemstones in keeping with your specific requirements and talk you through all of your options regarding your design. Once you have selected the stones we will begin to work together on designing your item of jewellery.

We will create a series of 3D computer generated images of your design. According to your specifications these can be fine-tuned and produced, allowing you to become involved in creating your individual and unique piece of jewellery.

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State of the art technology

With a combination of state of the art technology and traditional jewellery making techniques, we will create a unique piece of jewellery suited to your personal style and budget, however extravagant or modest it may be.

With the latest CAD Matrix software programme, we can create 3D photo quality images and a 3D Wax model allowing you to see your piece of jewellery before it is sent for casting.

  • CAD Matrix 8.0 software
  • Envisiontec 3D Printing
  • Gem setting
  • Goldsmith